About Us

Keller Branch Kennels is a boutique mini-doodle breeder, located on our cattle ranch in southwest Missouri. We take great pride in our industry leading breeding program, and only have a few litters a year. 

We're a small family team, with a bachelor of science degree in animal science from the University of Missouri and over 30 years experience in animal care. 

Our mommas are AKC registered golden retrievers and our dads are ACA registered miniature poodles. All parents have undergone genetic testing to ensure the best health and temperament possible for our puppies.

Our ACA registered, show-quality miniature Goldendoodles are smaller than the average doodle. They inherit the desired qualities of both parents: the loving and obedient nature of a Golden Retriever, combined with the intelligence, smaller size and hypoallergenic qualities of a mini Poodle. We strive to grow the most loving and healthy puppy for your family.